Monday, November 26, 2012

What is going on with Guy Fieri, really?

On Nov. 13, the NY Times posted one of the most damaging restaurant reviews I've ever seen in the two years I've been writing for community college papers around the bay area.

The review, written by Pete Wells, can be seen here as a number of insults framed as questions surrounding the overwhelming feeling that this guru of the grill has no idea what is going on in his new restaurant.

Fieri hosts the most popular show on the Food Network and owns a number of restaurants around California, most notably Johnny Garlic's, and when he was quick to lobby his response to them it was of course picked up by the Los Angeles Times' writer Patrick Kevin Day and rerun in the San Jose Mercury here.

After reading both the response and the review I have to say that I'm a little less excited to check out Johnny Garlic's, and if Guy thinks that he is more right than his customers then perhaps he needs to go back to school to learn how food trade really runs.

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